Have You Seen This? Spider vs. spider fight is terrifying

THE SCARY WEB — For those who have read my “Have You Seen This?” articles in the past, you’re well aware that I’m afraid of a lot of things. Like a lot. Bears are at the top of the list, but sharks, the ocean, snakes, failure and, of course, bears are also on the list. I know I mentioned bears twice, that was not a mistake.

Strangely enough, spiders are not on that list. I have a tough time being afraid of something that I could neutralize by squashing my fingers together. This video, however, has changed my mind. Spiders are eight-legged nightmares built specifically to terrify us.

The video shows an orb-weaver spider catching what the video poster calls two wolf spiders in its web. The orb-weaver immobilizes them in her web and wraps them up and saves them for later. It’s almost hard to watch as the orb-weaver basically paralyzes and then encapsulates the other two spiders with the web. It all happens so fast it’s hard to believe.

Some commenters say these aren’t wolf spiders but rather garden spiders. Other commenters mentioned that wolf spiders are ground dwellers and would never fall into a web like this, and they accuse the person who shot the video of placing these spiders in the web just to make the video.

I graduated in communications, barely, so I have no idea what’s true and what’s not. All I really know is that this video is horrifying and will haunt my dreams for the rest of time. What this spider is capable of is terrifying and incredibly impressive. Watch at your own risk.